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Tamera Javier – Owner

Tamera Javier is the owner of Equinox Integrated Health and Aesthetics. She is also the current owner of Home Doctors Medical Associates. Tamera opened Equinox IHA in 2017 because of the broken healthcare system that we live in. Her goal was to provide options for patients to have somewhere to go and providers to see that could help guide them and provide them personalized medicine they deserve. Tamera has been recruiting clinicians for almost 10 years, and 2 years ago, she decided she wanted to redirect her focus to preventative medicine vs chronic care medicine. She wanted to build a practice that bridged the gap between Traditional Western Medicine and Holistic Medicine. As she was struggling with her own weight gain and hair loss, she began to research more about the importance of HORMONE BALANCE and the importance of knowing where your hormone levels are and why you are feeling the way you do! She has met many Functional Medicine doctors and has attended many seminars to know that Functional Medicine is the future of medicine.

She earned her Bachelors degrees as an Exercise Physiologist and Athletic Trainer, with a minor in Nutrition. As an Exercise Physiologist, she started her career at Washington University School of Medicine as the Exercise Behaviorist and worked with the National Institute of Health on the clinical trial called Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP). Tamera played and intricate part in the clinical trial, which proved to show that diabetes could be prevented and reversed. Today the DPP is still one of the longest going outcome studies and will soon be reaching it’s 25th year. While at Washington University, Tamera began her graduate work in business and completed her Masters in Health Administration online, while she pursed her love of coaching gymnastics and help dozens of gymnasts earn NCAA scholarships.

Tamera has a passion for Health and Wellness. She was an Olympic Hopeful and trained with Bela and Martha Karolyi in Houston Texas as a young girl and went on to earn a full-ride scholarship to ISU for gymnastics. She had a devastating back injury when she was in Houston which sent her back to Missouri before reaching a childhood dream. Tamera’s passion for wellness has evolved and now she is the owner of Equinox IHA. She has used her personal trials and tribulations to help mold her into the business owner she is today. Tamera believes that all things are possible. She believes that everyone deserves to look and feel good. She believes that beauty is internal and eternal, and that is why she opened Equinox Integrated Health and Aesthetics. She wants all people to have the opportunity to look and feel “BeYouTiful”. She utilized her coaching to help coach clients in their weight loss and goal setting journeys.

Tamera is certified on all the Venus Concepts Devices and is also a Master Trainer for the Versa and Legacy. She uses her knowledge as an Exercise Physiologist and Athletic Trainer to help patients and clients with Functional training and living healthy lifestyles. Tamera has an outstanding team of medical doctors, nurse practitioners, nurses, medical assistants, technicians and estheticians who work together to help you reach your goals. To schedule an appointment, call 314-447-4999.

Anil Gupta, MD – Medical Director

Tamera’s medical director for Equinox is Dr. Anil Gupta, MD who is an emergency medicine specialist in Columbia, IL and has been practicing for 26 years. He graduated from Saint Louis University School Of Medicine in 1990 and specializes in emergency medicine.


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